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On the divorce of Samuel Venturoso
Library of Congress

הצעה על אודות הגט שנתן שמואל הבחור המכונה וונטורצו (“Rabbinic responsa concerning the divorce of the young man Samuel Venturoso”). Printed by Giorgio di Cavalli. Venice, 1566.

This book deals with a sensational divorce case that rocked Italian Jewry in the middle of the 16th century. It began when an impoverished young man got himself secretly engaged to an heiress, Tamar bat Joseph ha-Tamari of Venice.

When the young woman’s horrified guardians learned of the engagement, they obtained a rabbinic writ demanding an annulment, – and the battle was on.

The Jews of Italy split into two warring camps, each collecting rabbinic opinions bolstering their own side and vilifying the other. This little book was printed by those who supported the dissolution of the engagement and includes a number of rabbinic opinions.