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Maimonides’ Mishneh Torà
Renato Maestro Library and Archive

Handwritten copy of Mishne Torah of Maimonides dated 1402, Piove di Sacco  (c. 534r) · membr., Membranous guards · cc. 1 + 534 + 1 (1 missing paper between 532 and 533) · 312 × 280 mm (cc. 182, 184, 348, 523, 524), 398 × 280 mm (c. 1).

Writing and hands: Italian square script with no points.

Decoration: 1402-1500; the only relevant  decoration, in color, is a seven-branched candelabrum to c. 259v; in many other pages , there are small decorative drawings, executed in pen (cc. 1r, 4v, 12r, 26r, 27r, 30r) and some drawings, in ink, explanatory of some concepts (ff. 259r, 260v, 261r, 268r , 268v, 336r); presence of blue.

Binding: 1402-1500; wooden planks; covered in leather; geometric and floral decorations imprinted; clasps; badly preserved, to be restored.

In colophon (fol. 534r): אני משה ב”ר שמואל הלבי יצ”ו כתבתי לנכד והיקר ר “מרדכי בכ”ד יצחק זלהה ארבע עשר ספרי הרב רבינו משה בןהרב רבינו הגדול ר” מימון זכר צדיקים לברכה הכוללים כלל חיבורו הגדול המקרא משנה תורה “במגדל פיבא דשאקו קרוב ממדינת פאדובה עשר מילין וסיימתים בחודש אדר דבריא מזיליה שנת חמישת אלפים ומאה ששים ושנים לבריאת עולם”.

Moshe son of Rabbi Samuel HaLevi wrote for my dear grandson Mordecai Ben Ysack about 14 books of our Rabbi Moshe son of the Great Rabbi Maimonides may their names be of blessing for his writing the Mishneh Torà on this month of Avar 5162 from the creation of the world.

Client: Mordekay ben Yiṣḥaq, 14th-15th centuries.

Copyist: Mošeh ben Šemu’el ha-Levi, 14th-15th centuries.

Copy Place: Piove di Sacco (Padua).

Remarks: individual treaties, macrography. cc. 1r-534r

Author: Maimonides, Moses 1135-1204 (PMA, 457).

Title: Mišneh Torah (c. 534r).

Sources: Personennamen des Mittelalters. Appointment Scriptorum Medii Aevi. PMA, red. Bearb. C. Fabian, 2. erw. Ausg., München 2000.

Reproductions: Institute of Microfilmed Hebrew Manuscripts, Jerusalem: F 32623.