PROGRAM | Italian Jewish Studies Project: The Jews of Libya Between the 19th Century and the Colonial Era

April 25  | 9:30 am - 2:00 pm

NYU, Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò

24 West 12th Street

Free admission, Refreshments

David Meghnagi (University of Rome 3)

Mordechai HaCohen: Rabbi and Ethnographer

Barbara Spadaro (University of Bristol)

From “Mapping Living Memories” to Investigating Postcolonial Histories. Narratives of the Jews from Libya in Historical Perspective.

This semester the Italian Jewish Studies Project features David Meghnagi  (Università di Roma Tre) and Barbara Spadaro (University of Bristol) in a seminar dedicated the Jews of Libya and their representation and self-perception between the colonial era and their resettlement in Italy during the 1970s. Born in Tripoli, David Meghnagi is a professor of Clinical psychology and the director of the Master course in the study of the Shoah at the Università di Roma Tre. Prof. Meghnagi has written extensively on the experience of the Libyan Jews in Italy and has been involved in Arab-Jewish relations since the 1980s. His examination of Rabbi Mordechai HaCohen's work and life aims at tracing the construction of a Libyan Jewish narrative within the context of the Islamic and Italian societies in early 20th century Libya.

Barbara Spadaro is a researcher at the University of Bristol specializing in the history of Italian colonial relations. She has been awarded a Rothschild Foundation European Source Material Grant for the project Mapping Living Memories. The Jewish Diaspora from Libya across Europe and the Mediterranean, with Dr. Piera Rossetto (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice) and the Centro di Documentazione Ebraica (CDEC) of Milan. In her presentation Dr. Spadaro examines the narratives and feelings of belonging expressed by Libyan Jews and the ways in which reveal how ideas of Italian and European identity have been constructed, negotiated and contested by multiple subjects inside and outside the continent. Read

QABBALAT SHABBAT | Shiru Shir: The Cantorial Tradition of the Libyan Jews. Conversation with David Meghnagi

April 25  | Tefilla 7:00 pm | Dinner & Talk 8:00 pm

Congregation Magen David of Manhattan | 177 Sullivan Street

PROGRAM | Gender and Anti-Semitism Women's Rights Yesterday and Today

April 10 | 5:00 pm

The Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America

1161 Amsterdam Avenue,

Victoria de Grazia (Columbia University), Fascist Men and Jewish Women
Yasmine Ergas (Columbia University), Women's Rights and Women's Freedoms: A View from the Present
Elissa Bemporad (Queens College, CUNY), Female Voices of the Holocaust

PROGRAM | Ilaria Pavan: Twentieth-Century Italy and Italian Jews

May 1 | 6:00 pm

The Attitudes of Italian Jews Towards Fascism in the 1920s   

Thursday, May 8 | 6:00 pm

Not Facing the Past: Italian Post-Fascist Policies Towards the Jews, 1945-2001

CUNY Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue, NY, Room C-202. Read

CONFERENCE | Annalisa Capristo on Italian Jewish Exiles at the Third Regional New York Conference, Latin American Jewish Studies Association, Americas Society, CUNY Academy for the Humanities and Science

May 2 | 1:00 pm

The CUNY Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Ave, NYC.  Read

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