CENTRO PRIMO LEVI (CPL) is a New York based organization inspired by the humanistic legacy of writer and chemist Primo Levi, who survived Auschwitz and contributed significantly to the post-World War II debate on the role of memory in modern societies. CPL fosters and supports those interested in Primo Levi’s work, the Italian Jewish past as well as those interested in current perspectives and conversations about the Italian Jewish community today. It offers programs, publishing and networking activities and provides links to libraries and museums, academic and scholarly updates and a monthly newsletter. CPL offers a dynamic and informative English language portal offering information and resources on Italian Jewish culture and history to audiences around the world.

Those CPL activities specifically dedicated to the work of Primo Levi are jointly conducted with the Primo Levi International Research Center in Turin. CPL, located at the Center for Jewish History in Manhattan and operates under the auspices of the Consulate General of Italy. It partners with universities and research organizations in Italy, Israel and the U.S. 

RESEARCH. The Center connects its audience to major Italian Jewish institutions and electronic resources that provide access to text, sound and images located in libraries and archives around the globe.

PROGRAMS at the center include cultural events, conferences, exhibitions and academic seminars that explore the diversity of the Italian Jewish experience.

PRINTED MATTER makes available every month English language articles, interviews and books, an interdisciplinary selection of academic news and a variety of cultural and scholarly resources in print.

FILMS. The Center offers: the catalogue and selected subtitled films from the historic TV series on Jewish life, Sorgente di Vita, and an online film resource of Italian feature films and documentaries. These offer a fresh view of Italian cinema and Jewish themes and provide a unique resource for institutions, festivals and researchers.

MEMORIA.  Each year, during the week of January 27, CPL, the Italian Consulate General and Italian academic institutions in NY organize a ceremony to remember the victims of the Shoah and a series of events dedicated to the history and legacy of 20th century totalitarianism.

PRIMO LEVI FORUM convenes annually in New York City an international forum of scholars, scientists, writers and artists to initiate dialogues on different aspects of Levi’s work and further his quest on issues of justice, ethics, memory and coexistence.

AMERICORDO documents the lives and achievements of Italian Jews who came to the U.S. fleeing Fascist persecution. It offers access to the stories of this diverse group of expatriates who thrived in all fields and expressed, in many ways, their love of Italy and ties to their new homeland.

J-ITALY is a newly created portal (www.j-italy.org) that provides a dynamic guide to both historic and contemporary Jewish Italy for travelers and foreign students. Conceived, produced and maintained by CPL in collaboration with The Italian National Tourism Board, and designed by Jonathan Wajskol, J-Italy offers a vast array of new and classic articles by Italian Jewish writers. It allows visitors to explore, at their own pace, the cultural treasures of the most ancient Diaspora community in the West.


Centro Primo Levi

Italian Studies at the

Center for Jewish History*

15 West 16 Street

New York, NY 10011



Phone: 212-294-8301 ext. 8202

E-mail: info@primolevicenter.org

Board of Directors

Alessandro Di Rocco, President

Eitan Fiorino, Treasurer

Felice Ghilardi

Jeffrey C. Keil

Stella Levi

Andrew Viterbi

Erna Viterbi z’l

Natalia Indrimi


Natalia Indrimi, Executive director

Alessandro Cassin, Deputy Director and Director of Publishing

Editors and translators

Laoise Mac Reamoinn

Eleanor Foa Dienstag

Steve Baker

Alta Price

Michael Moore

Inga Pierson

Graphic design

Jonathan Wajskol, wajskoldesign

Academic partners

New York University Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò

Italian Academy at Columbia University

Institute for Israel and Jewish Studies at Columbia University

Calandra Institute for Italian American Studies

University of California, LA

University of Rome

University of Bologna

City University of New York

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Herbert D. Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies at the University of Pennsylvania

*The Center for Jewish History

is the repository of one of the largest Jewish archival and library collections in the Americas combining the assets of the American Jewish  Historical Society, American Sephardi Federation, Leo Baeck Institute, Yeshiva University Museum, and YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.


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